MacGuru is a very advanced and reliable data recovery app that can get back your lost data from iMack products. It is very simple to use and can go deeper than other data recovery apps to recover your original data and personal information.

Using MacGuru, you can safely retrieve documents, photos, images, audio files, video files, emails and archives. It can easily recover files from emptied trash or deleted data; lost data; get data from formatted disk, damaged data and data from inaccessible devices. It is designed to restore data from any Apple product including iMac, Mac Pro, Mac Mini, MacBook, USB flash drive, SD card, memory cards, etc. Here are the main features of MacGuru.


This app can scan and recover data from any storage device. It can even read from devices that are not readable or has lost a partition.


Data recovery is very easy with this app. With just one click it will run through all the scanning functions and provide a list of files that can be recovered. These files can be previewed.


The app will help prevent future data loss. It has a tracker that remembers the filename and location of every file removed from your Mac device. It makes a copy of the files that are deleted from the Trash and so gives you an undelete option. It has S.M.A.R.T Monitoring in place that tells you any signs of your hard drive failing.

No data recovery app is so powerful than MacGuru. You can download the free MacGuru Basic app today and try it out.