Are Macs safer than Windows computers?


Apple users feel safer with the tight security features of Mac. It is known to be virus-free ecosystem. But this actually was a thing in the past. The reputation of great security of Mac is not true anymore true. Recently, a group of hackers took control of the Transmission Bit Torrent app and distributed malicious software to Mac users. It encrypts files on a victim’s machine and demands a $400 ransom payment to release the files that are affected. About 6,500 people were affected. It is not known yet which versions of Mac’s operating system are affected. Experts are now saying the Mac was secured because no one attacked Mac like this before.

mac_vs_windowsAs the market share of Mac was small, hackers didn’t attack them as it won’t be profitable for them. Windows, on the other hand, were always under attack from the hackers. Security experts think that Apple’s security is weaker and is easier to hack. Apple’s Gatekeeper, which was introduced in 2012, is the primary security measure on OS X computers, that is, Mac. This allowed users to download only apps that were approved by Apple. That means, users were restricted from downloading outside programs and so hackers were unable to steal their passwords and financial information. However, Gatekeeper has a number of weaknesses which the hackers can take advantage of. Hackers can bypass Apple’s protection and infect the software approved by Apple itself. Apple recently updated there security software by blocking some more files that seemed vulnerable to attacks.

The newest version of OS X is ranked at 5 out of 10 in terms of security; whereas, Windows 10 is ranked almost 7. Apple’s Macs and Macbooks are now a popular target for hackers. It was reported that only 7% of computer users use Apple’s OS X. But it doesn’t mean that it is safe because of the low population. The sales are expected to grow in future. So, attackers will continue hacking Mac.

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