Our MacGuru app has created quite a stir in the market.

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MacGuru is a very advanced and reliable data recovery app that can get back your lost data from iMack products.

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We develop data recovery apps for Apple products. We are able to recover any data lost due to faulty or damaged hard drives, as well as data that are lost due to human error, virus, disaster, and any other means. Our team consists of Apple Certified Technicians. They are very talented and know their job well. They know about the security features of each Apple device so that they can come up with a strategy to recover data if they are lost.

If your Apple device is not booting up then it is likely that your hard drive is no longer recognizable. In such case our data recovery solution can extract the data from your machine. If you accidentally delete data then also our data recovery solution can recover the data from your drive. When data is deleted, it sits on the hard drive for a while and is labelled as free space. The recovery process is quite simple in this case.

Our MacGuru is packed with useful disk tools for home users and professionals. These tools are absolutely free. No additional app is needed to free up space on your hard drive or to monitor your disk’s health. MacGuru will do everything for you. It will analyze the whole drive, provide disk map with a list of file present in a descending order according to size; that is, from larger files to the smallest.This way you can find out which files are taking up the most space. This will let you decide whether to delete the file or move them to another disk. You can download our free version and see the exciting features it has. If you are happy, you can buy our premium version for more functionality.

We are always doing research to improve our products so that it can face new challenges and recover data from even the toughest condition.

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